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YRCC ride 127

YRCC ride 127

YRCC Ride 127

Date: 16/10/2016 | Time: 9am | Distance: 43.41mi | Elevation Gain: 638ft | Ride Type: Road | Est. Moving Time: 2:42:47

With the wind forecast to come from the South; we’re heading South to benefit from the tailwind for the way home. Starting from Tesco towards Bishopthorpe to join the Planets bike track down to Selby. Then we’re staying on mainly single track roads through Barlow, Carlton, Hirst Courtney, Temple Hirst and Burn. On the A19 to Brayton then some more quiet roads to Thorpe Willoughby and on to Cawood. Help from a tailwind to Stillingfleet and Naburn. Briefly on the bike track again over the river to come back in to York via Bishopthorpe Road for an optional cafe stop at Your Bike Shed.


Route on Strava / Route on Garmin

GPX file