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YRCC Ride 144

Date: 26/02/2017 | Time: 9am | Distance: 36.8mi | Elevation Gain: 1038ft | Ride Type: Road

Mudguards are still required to ride with the club. We’re riding anti clockwise to the North of York. Heading up Tadcaster road and out of York via Gillygate and Haxby; joining the quieter section of Wigginton Road. After Sutton on Forest we turn West for Huby and the climb at Crayke (the climb can be avoided by turning left just before Crayke and meet back up in Easingwold). Turning left past the Castle keeping an eye out for the left turn up a small section of single track to get to Oulston Road bringing us in to Easingwold. From there it’s South West in to the forecasted wind to Alne and Tollerton. Through Overton and carefully over the A19 for the ride back in to York hopefully wind assisted. The route ends for an optional cafe stop at Your Bike Shed.


Unable to upload a more detailed map due to a technical issue with the host.

Route on Strava / Route on Ride with GPS / Garmin are having route issues on their website

GPX file – Due to technical issues, please export it from the links above.

How to transfer the route to your device

  1. Save the GPX or TCX file to your computer.
  2. Plug the Edge 800/810/820/1000 in to your computer. Once connected, it is recognized as a USB drive.
  3. Open the “Garmin” folder in that drive.
  4. Find the folder labeled, “NewFiles”. Move your downloaded TCX or GPX file there.
  5. Once the file has transferred, you can disconnect your Garmin.
  6. Now turn on your Garmin 800/810/820/1000. The route should be available in Courses on the device.

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